Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rani Jarkas: The Belt and Road Initiative: The Biggest Economic Cooperation Project Today

In mid-May, Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed the world leaders attending the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation in Beijing. The forum is a major boost and accelerator for synergies along the roads.
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde commented on the BRF that “The Belt and Road Initiative is about connecting cultures, communities, economies, and people, and about adding new economic flavors by creating infrastructure projects that are based on 21st-century expertise and governance standards.”               
The Belt and Road Initiative is a pioneering, international framework based on an "open platform concept," which does not need a leader, but a curator who acts as a catalyst and coordinator for ensuring win-win outcomes, said Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.
Rani Jarkas, Chairman of Cedrus Investments, an experienced investor in the region under Belt and Road Initiative, said, “The Belt and Road Initiativeis meant to help developing countries to create more opportunities for growth and improve the lives of people. The breadth of this initiative, the high level of participation and its strategic dimensions, highlight its capacity to become the biggest economic cooperation project in place in this century.”

王雷(Rani Jarkas):一带一路倡议——当今最大的经济合作项目
赛德思投资董事长王雷Rani Jarkas

赛德思投资董事长王雷Rani Jarkas)在一带一路倡议沿线地区有丰富的投资经验,他表示:“‘一带一路’倡议旨在帮助发展中国家创造更多发展机遇,提高人民生活水平。倡议的广度、高参与度以及战略规模,彰显了其成为本世纪最大经济合作项目的能力。”

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rani Jarkas [Cedrus Investments]: Renewable & clean energy outlook

May 2017 – Cedrus Investments, Chairman, Rani Jarkas tells The Capital Network’s Director Lelde Smits at Mines and Money Asia, the current trends in renewable energy investments, the unique features of clean energy investments in China, his outlook for investing in renewable energy across the Asia Pacific and which countries are leading the pack.

Rani Jarkas: Cedrus Investments: Renewable & clean energy outlook

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rani Jarkas: China’s outbound M&As surge in both volume and value

In the first half of 2016, the volume of cross-border mergers and acquisitions led by Chinese buyers reached $149.2 billion, exceeding the total volume in 2015. The amount accounted for 23 percent of the total volume of global cross-border M&A, up from 6 percent in the same period last year, according to Tian Guoli, chairman of Bank of China on at the Bank of China - Bloomberg Global M&A Summit.
Smooth financing channels in capital markets and fast-growing financial investors are the main reasons for the significant increase in 2016.
Mature markets such as Europe and North America continued to be the main destinations for Chinese buyers of sophisticated technology, advanced management experience and well-known brands. Asia was also popular among investors because of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Also, for the first time, privately-owned enterprises surpassed state-owned enterprises in transaction value, accounting for half of the total over the first three quarters of 2016.

Rani Jarkas, Chairman of Cedrus Investments, a boutique investment firm with years of experience in Greater China region, said “The expansion from trade finance to acquisition finance will provide a strategic opportunity for development of the Chinese financial sector. It has accelerated the transformation of China’s financial industry.”

王雷(Rani Jarkas):中国对外并购在质和量上均发展迅速

王雷(Rani Jarkas): 中国银行董事长田国立中国银行彭博全球并购峰会上表示,2016年上半年,由中国买家主导的跨境并购达到了1492亿美元,超过了2015年全年总量,占到全球总量的23%,比去年同期增长了6个百分点。


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cedrus Investments respond to imbalanced information - Rani Jarkas

Editor’s note: The Jakarta Post received on Aug 10 a complaint from a lawyer representing Cedrus investment Ltd., in a letter dated Aug 8. Cedrus  strongly objected to this misrepresentation, unethical and suspicious reporting of the  Aug 2 story, saying the case was not investment fraud but a dispute regarding margin loan. An 11-Aug article entitled “Cedrus case not fraud, but failed debt payment: Lawyer” is part of our obligation to fulfill Cedrus’ right of reply.  We apologize for the imbalanced information provided on this case.

Rani Jarkas: Yuan’s Internationalization, Betterment of Global Monetary System

On November 30, China reached a new milestone in its ongoing internationalization efforts when it was announced by the IMF that the RMB was approved to join Special Drawing Rights basket. The inclusion of the Chinese currency will not only help China's financial reforms but the evolution of the international financial system, according to Zhang Tao, the new Deputy Managing Director of the IMF.
Rani Jarkas, Chairman of Cedrus Investments, an investment pioneer with years of financial experience in Asia, said, “As expected with our recent forecast, this is the start of major internationalization of the RMBYuan will compete strongly with all other currencies to eventually become a major currency and contribute greatly to the global monetary system.”
Data from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications show the yuan is the second-largest trade financing currency, and the fourth- or fifth-largest trade payment currency. And the yuan's proportion in global trade is 8%, and in global trade payment nearly 2%.
Statistics from the Bank for International Settlements show the yuan's share in global foreign exchange trade has doubled in three years, from 2% to 4%. And its share as a global reserve currency is slightly more than 1%.

王雷(Rani Jarkas):人民币国际化改善全球货币体系

赛德思投资董事长王雷(Rani Jarkas)在亚洲有多年的金融投资经验。他表示:“根据我们最新的预测,人民币国际化重大进程即将迎来开端。人民币将和其他货币一较高下,最终成为主要货币,并对全球货币体系产生深远的影响。”